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Does my fridge really need any routine maintenance or service?

Yes indeed. Research has shown that people who let technicians service and maintain their refrigerators after every so long keep theirs for a long time, and they are able to avoid problems like pan leaks, even before they happen.

What are your charges for appliance repair?

They are very affordable. First, there will be the coming out and diagnosis fee and then after that there will be the per hour rate for labor charge. In addition, we will also give you plenty of free advice regarding your appliance. We will not have any hidden charges at all. We will discuss all that when you schedule an appointment with us.

Do you have all the parts that my appliance may need?

Sometimes we may not have all the parts. In that case, we will make sure that we gather all the information during the initial contact with the customer so that if there is a part needed, and we do not have it, we can look for the same in advance, before coming out to repair your appliance.

My washer seems to be off balance all the time. What could be the problem?

Well, this is usually simple. First, start by sorting the clothes depending on their wet weight. This will solve the off balance issue with your washer.

Why is my dryer not working at all?

First, is it on? Look at the circuit breaker and see whether your drier is getting enough power supply to power it on. If the power is too low, the motor may run but the element is not going to heat up.

My dishwasher is leaving small spots all over my dishes. What is wrong?

There is a wetting agent dispenser unit in the dishwasher, and you need to check whether that is filled. If it is not, there will be spots on your dishes.

When do I pay for the parts acquired for my appliances?

It depends on the parts that we get for you. For example, if the part is expensive, the customer will have to pay in advance especially if it is not returnable. For the small part that we have in stock, one can pay for them when settling the rest of the bill.

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